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My Desk top TV - watch traning videos from you desktop - free download Basic & Advanced Spoken English Course CD and Book Buy

Advanced Spoken English for the real world

Buy  package version -

Advanced  Spoken English  

( Rs. 1300.00 | $ 33 )

shipping cost extra

Program Includes:

1 audio CD |1 reader & 1 workbook( Runs on PC/Mac & TV )

This Advanced level English Program includes a 183 pages book and a Audio CD that works together to boost your conversational and listening skills.This program features realistic dialogues through explanation of Grammar that go beyond the basic rules. Vocabulary sections include the most commonly used idiomatic expressions. Plenty of exercises, both in the book and on the recordings, will help you improve English, become more fluent and get ahead on the job and everywhere else. Accomplish your real-life goals with this Advanced Spoken English Training Program.

MEET people and make friends.

SPEAK with ease and confidence on the telephone.

SUCCEED in job interviews

GET BY at the railway station, the Bank, The restaurant- just about everywhere!


Buy  Dowload version - Advanced Spoken English

( Rs. 895.00 | $ 23 )

Instant Download

Program Includes:

25 MP3 lesson audio  

1 Reader | 1 workbook

( PDF book)

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The topics Covered are : 20 ESL lesson Plan

Basic & Advanced Spoken English Course CD and Book

Hot Selling -

English for the real world - Bundled Package  Basic & Advanced

Lets talk presents bundled package for English for the real world. This package contains 45 audio lesson , 02 English readers, 02 workbooks covering conversational skills required to speak in daily life - home/ office / shopping etc.

The topics Covered are:
Contents of Basic English and Advanced English


Buy  package version - English for the real world Bundled Package (Basic & Advanced )     

 ( Rs. 1875.00 | $ 40)

shipping cost extra

Program Includes:

02 audio CD |02 reader & 1 workbook

(Runs on PC/Mac & TV )

Buy  Dowload version - English Grammar  Bundled package Level 01 & 02     

( Rs. 1270.00 | $ 30 )

Instant Download

Program Includes:

45  MP3 lesson audio  

2 Reader | 1 workbook

( PDF book)

Each of the twenty lessons will cover a topic that you are most likely to deal within your Real life - everything from Work life, Doing household chores, to shopping, Going for a party. Each Lesson is divided into 4 basic parts:

1. Dialogue 2. Words in Action Play  3. Sentence Structure  4. Listening Exercise

Chapter 01


Departure and Arrival

Chapter 02


Searching Directions

Chapter 03


Looking for an apartment

Chapter 04


Repairing Things

Chapter 05


Daily household chores

Chapter 06


All about food

Chapter 07


A Job Interview

Chapter 08


First day in the office

Chapter 09


A business Meeting

Chapter 10


On the Phone

Chapter 11


At the restaurant

Chapter 12


At the Bank

Chapter 13


Visiting a Clinic

Chapter 14


At the Chemist store

Chapter 15


In a hyper Mall

Chapter 16


At a Party

Chapter 17


Weekend activities

Chapter 18


Planning a holiday.

Chapter 19



Chapter 20



Telephone etiquette training - CD Accent Training program - Neutral | American | British - CD and Book  Personality Development  Course - Training CD Advanced English Grammar CD Business English Course - CD Job Interview Skills Training Program - CD

English Grammar level 02

Business English

Job Interview Skills

Voice and accent

Telephone etiquettes

Personality development

Stress Management training - CD Basic English Grammar CD

English Grammar level 01

Stress management at work

Note : The price in Rupees( Rs)
may vary depending on the
current Dollar( $) conversion rate.
Note : The price in Rupees( Rs)
may vary depending on the
current Dollar( $) conversion rate.